Coaching &
Support Groups

Coaching and support groups provide a valuable opportunity to focus on areas where you want to see healing or growth or simply find support. I offer coaching services on various subjects and organize groups based on interests. Coaching and therapy are distinct practices – learn which one is right for you in the next section or click the button to hop to the coaching services I offer. 

Paul Moore

How are Therapy & Coaching Different?


  • Connect and learn with others having similar experiences or one-on-one
  • Not covered by insurance
  • Not for the diagnosis or treatment of mental health disorders


  • One-on-one treatment tailored to you specifically
  • Can be covered by insurance depending on your provider
  • If a diagnosis is desired and helpful you can receive a diagnosis in therapy
  • Offers treatment for mental health disorders

Coaching Services

Co-Parenting Coaching

parents with child
This one day seminary will help parents learn how to navigate the co-parenting journey and avoid the triangulation traps. Paul, his ex wife, Cheri Keyes, his daughter, Anna Moore,  and his daughter’s stepdad, Gregg Keyes, facilitate a 1 day co-parenting workshop that provides the tools and examples of how parents and blended families can succeed and thrive in coparenting. Coaching workshops are organized according to interest. They can take place virtually or in-person in Texas or Arkansas.

Reach out if you are interested in joining the next scheduled group.

parents with child
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Surviving Christianity & the Church

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This surviving Christianity and the church coaching group is for people who are in connection with a Christianity or church that display toxic or narcissistic traits. This coaching group has a combination of people who are still connected to Christianity and the church and those who have left. This coaching group does not tell you what decision you should make. But it helps you, wherever you are in your journey, process and thrive.

This coaching group will seek to help: 

  • Name your experience
  • Distinguishing between toxic narratives and narrators
  • Recognize religious manipulation and gaslighting techniques
  • Grieve and process loss of expectations
  • Create a surviving and thriving plan

Reach out if you are interested in joining the next scheduled group.

Calvinism & Reformed Theology Recovery Group

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This supportive coaching group assists persons recovering from toxic and traumatic experiences within Calvinist/reformed structures and explore the possible psychopathic traits within Calvinism and Reformed Theology.

Reach out if you are interested in joining the next scheduled group.

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Restorative Emotional Experience Coaching Session

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This is an experiential coaching session aimed at creating restorative emotional experiences for the client. Reach out if you are interested in scheduling a coaching session tailored to you.