Counseling Services

Everyone deserves to have someone to walk with them through challenging times. That’s why I offer therapy for the following concerns and challenges. If you don’t see your concern listed here, please reach out.

Couple resting head on shoulder

Trauma Therapy

I work with individuals dealing with depression, anxiety, trauma and mood issues. We will work together to explore the root cause and alleviate distress.

Relationship, Marriage & Family Therapy

I work with couples and families to address communication problems, trust issues, infidelity and parenting struggles. I also offer counsel to blended families and those who have chosen to co-parent.

Grief Support

If you’ve experienced the loss of a loved one, a job, a relationship, or even your health, I offer a safe place to process your loss.

Sex Therapy

As a member of AASECT, I offer a shame free, non-judgmental environment for you and or your partner(s) to process sexual issues. This is a safe space for LGBTQ+, those in consensual non-monogamous relationships, and adult workers. My practice is BDSM and kink friendly.

Spiritually Sensitive Therapy

Religion and spirituality are important to many persons but are unique to each. I will always seek to understand and honor your spiritual perspective in therapy.